“LILA” is a short story by Carlos Lascano that follows a young woman’s artistic creativity. Using stop motion and regular film, Carlos depicts the creative perspective Lila has on the world. Her artistic expression is a reminder to us that different people see the world differently and through different mediums.

Like Lila, learners want to contribute to the world. They want to put their own spin on it, and express themselves. They want to create and imagine. It doesn’t always look like colorful sketches that come to life, but it is a reality for all people, whether they realize it or not.

Now for the real question. What would you do with a student like Lila in your class? How would you encourage her learning? Would you see the drawing as a distraction, or a means of empowering Lila? These types of students exist all over the world. Where are they and how are they doing?

Carlos has two other videos to go with this that form a trilogy of sorts. “A short love story in Stop Motion” (2008) and “A shadow of blue” (2011).


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