Hand-Powered Flashlight

What does creativity look like? How does self-driven learning lead to ingenuity and not just wasted time on the Internet? This is a shining example of a student’s innovative prowess on display. Ann Makosinski of Vancouver, British Columbia conceptualized, designed, and built a flashlight powered by the heat of human hands. Our body heat contains energy, and looking to harness that type of energy, Ms. Makosinski developed this flashlight for a science fair project. Read more about her flashlight and watch the video here: http://www.mnn.com/leaderboard/stories/teen-wows-science-fair-with-body-heat-powered-flashlight

Watch the video below for an account of this from Ms. Makosinski herself.

This was not a college student. Rather, a 15 year-old high school student who took it upon herself to develop her idea into a functional product. As educators, we cannot teach that innovative, creative thinking. We can, however, guide it to its potential. We need to help spark and inspire these ideas and then assist only as needed. The thinking processes behind this, as well as the motivation are testaments to the innate nature of learning we all possess. We need to unlock it and unleash it and then stand back and watch (only interacting as needed). Don’t mistake me, though. Teachers are definitely necessary here but in a different capacity.

What does it take to see a problem and do something about it? How can we inspire this in others? In ourselves? What would it take for you to learn the science, math, and engineering behind the development of something like this?


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