Generate QR Codes in Google Spreadsheet

Apparently, Google Spreadsheets contain the ability to auto-generate a QR code by entering a particular function for a cell to run. It pulls the data from another cell into it and generates a nice little QR code for use. How have I not known about this?! I tweeted about this today, but it’s worth a quick post to put the question to readers. What could you do with this type of function? It seems every time we turn around, Google is tweaking something to make life easier, or to make productivity more fun. I think this falls into that category. The hype over QR codes seems to have died down for the most part. Every now and then I will see an attempt at resurrecting them. Just because it doesn’t sparkle any more doesn’t mean it has lost all hope of purpose.

The question still stands. What could you do with this type of function in Google Spreadsheets? What could students do? It’s obviously time-saving. The Next Web has a post about it.  A student posted in his blog (which is reference in The Next Web post) about its use. Tammy Worcester also posted a tech tip about it here.

Ask yourself this question, but perhaps you should ask it of your students as well. I can come up with a list of ideas for how to leverage this trick, but I would imagine students coming up with far more ideas than I ever could.


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